Raj constantly communicates together with his moms and dads, Dr. V.M. and Mrs. Koothrappali back Asia over Skype, via webcam.

They constantly make an effort to organize times for him. Raj’s moms and dads want their son to marry a lady of Indian descent and present them grandchildren. Mrs. Koothrappali is particularly concerned that despite Raj being old sufficient to marry, the closest they should a daughter-in-law is “that Jewish boy,” Howard. If they become meddling or judgmental, he frequently “brings their moms and dads” into Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment via his MacBook Pro, to find their buddies’ help into the conversation. Like his “baby cousin” Priya, who he could be extremely protective of, Raj calls their moms and dads “mummy” and “daddy”.

Despite Raj’s claims which he grew up in poverty, their buddies love to remind him he originates from a tremendously rich

Raj together with moms and dads.

back ground. Their daddy is a gynecologist, drives a Bentley (he also has a Mercedes, that was later burnt by his mom), and has now a homely home filled with servants, two of those young ones. Raj later admits this reality, saying they’ve been really rich. Their moms and dads state exactly the same thing, thinking they have absolutely nothing to complain about because they are really high in a rather country that is poor. In “The Wiggly Finger Catalyst”, it really is revealed that his parents are now billionaires, as Sheldon claims that Raj’s household’s believed wide range is ‘halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck’, a mention of Forbes: The Fictional 15.This quote is observed in “The Wiggly Finger Catalyst”.

Not much of Raj’s family members is well known thus far. Raj stated he’s got three brothers as well as 2 siblings in ” The Troll that is hot deviation (S4E04). One older bro is mentioned in “The Cornhusker Vortex” (S3E06) whom, relating to Raj, provided him his ‘Patang’ (fighter kite). Plus one of their two siblings is Priya.


Raj’s relative Sanjay Koothrappali (aka “Dave”) works in a Call Center run by AT&T. In “The Guitarist Amplification”, Raj attempted to avoid going to their wedding, but ultimately accepted their parents’ offer.

Another cousin, Venkatesh Koothrappali (who starred in “The Precious Fragmentation”), works as legal counsel in Mumbai. He’s got bad settlement skills, also admitting that he is useless whenever Raj ended up being attempting to negotiate for a jet ski.

In “The Griffin Equivalency”, Rajesh points down that his limo is larger than the home that their grandfather was raised in and has now more food too, suggesting that their family members had not been constantly rich. In “The dining dining Table Polarization” (S7E16), he reveals the true name of their grandfather to be Dalib.

In “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis”, Raj mentions that diabetes operates inside the household, but he’s got no signs thus far.

In “The Septum Deviation”, Raj is concerned about what things to get their moms and dads because of their fortieth wedding anniversary. Later on a call is got by him from his daddy which he has moved away and that their moms and dads are becoming divorce solicitors. This indicates on the years they didn’t communicate and let plenty of little things boil over until they hated one another. Their mother could have already been someone that is seeing.

In ” The Room that is clean Infiltration” Raj’s daddy is in the center of the divorce and visits their son at the holidays are. Raj makes to aid his friends cope with a stray pigeon and his dad is kept with Amy and Penny and her boring Victorian parlor games.

In “The Graduation Transmission”, Raj’s daddy threatens to cut him down after he spends an excessive amount of their funds on a drone (that was supposed to be utilized to pay for Raj’s monthly lease). After flattering both moms and dads, Raj ultimately ends up by having a huge escalation in allowance from both his divorced parents.

In “The Allowance Evaporation”, Raj after fulfilling his ex-girlfriends whom said he had been too spoiled and a Momma’s kid, informs their dad he ended up being no further taking hardly any money from him. His daddy ended up being pleased that his final only unmarred offspring had been likely to stay on his very own two legs.

In period 12, he asks his dad to locate hi a spouse and he eventually ends up using Anu.


Leonard Hofstadter

Raj informs Leonard he is missed by him.

Leonard and Raj meet during the University as shown in a flashback in “The Staircase Implementation” and it also had been clarified in “The Jerusalem Duality”, both Raj and Howard like Leonard, and just hung away with Sheldon simply because they had no other option, the two are been shown to be close friends. Though, Raj takes take pleasure in Leonard’s issues with Penny and becomes notably adversarial he dates his sister, Priya with him when. Despite his propensity to tease Leonard about their gf issues, he could be supportive of their and Penny’s relationship and sometimes attempts to get him to breakup with Priya (often employing simple manipulative strategies, such as for example feeding his paranoia concerning the two ladies comparing records about their sex-life). Raj seems jealous whenever Leonard and Howard use their some ideas for enjoyable and exclude him. Raj has stated that Leonard just hangs down with him if he has got hardly any other choices, and has now missed him (“The Spaghetti Catalyst”). When Sheldon and Penny had been indisposed, Leonard took the very appreciative Raj with him to Switzerland for a visit into the big Hadron Collider after both Penny and Sheldon fall sick as noticed in “The Large Hadron Collision”. They typically make an effort to assist one another. In “The Date evening Variable”, Raj hangs out with Leonard and Penny on their date and gets trashed as he attempts to get Penny to share with Leonard that she really loves him. In “The Cooper Extraction”, Amy points away towards the gang that many of them wouldn’t normally know one another if Sheldon wasn’t element of their everyday lives. Since Leonard just isn’t in Apartment 4A, Raj envisions them residing together; but, Leonard is fat because of Raj’s cooking and Leonard’s loneliness; Leonard makes Raj fat within the tale to even make things. In ” The Room that is clean Infiltration” Raj helps Leonard and Howard have a bird out from the university’s clean space. While here, they both agree totally that he was the one indirectly responsible for letting the bird inside that they are smarter than Howard, and. In “The Meteorite Manifestation”, Bert desires Raj’s assistance cutting open a meteorite with a musical organization saw. Leonard desires to do so together with laser, but Bert decreases.

Sheldon Cooper

Raj offers Sheldon his Hulk arms finalized by Stan Lee.

Generally speaking, Raj is more patient with Sheldon than Leonard, Howard and Penny- although this truth is partly because Sheldon will not quite criticize him normally whilst the others, they’re best friends. When expected, he mentions it’s as a result of his belief in Karma. Sheldon, nonetheless, appears oblivious, while he when attempted to take off Raj from his group of buddies which will make space for Barry Kripke and because Raj got one solution for his questionnaire incorrect. Raj had been terrified during the possibility of losing Sheldon as a buddy, and later worries whether he is simply the “treasured acquaintance.” Sheldon hates it whenever Raj is chatting in the ear, although he does appreciate Raj’s terms. Whenever Raj is upset, Sheldon brings him a hot drink to console him, even though this work is really because his mom will make him. In “The Roommate Transmogrification”, Raj shows to be an improved roomie to Sheldon than Leonard had been, as he fades of their option to wow him. Considering Raj a great friend, Sheldon enjoys the cultural variety he leads to in the team plus the undeniable fact that he too likes monkeys and trains. Into the episode “The Pirate Solution”, when Raj’s research strikes a dead end, Sheldon provides Raj the opportunity to work he later accepts for him, which. Raj began doing work for Sheldon, and additionally they sometimes clash. Raj maintains he can hot latin brides not work for Sheldon, however with him and Sheldon agrees in the other, making Raj while the individual who works for/with Sheldon. They likewise have a geek war over the extremely big desk Raj relocated into their workplace- although Raj in the beginning is apparently winning, their tries to one-up one another ultimately result in the workplace to explode. This course of action is observed in ” The Troll Deviation that is hot”. Even with Sheldon gets control a unique office and Raj extends to maintain the main one they share for himself, they nevertheless come together on some occasions, including residing at the college’s observatory lab to find an asteroid, and owning a simulation for once they need to get in the mine later on. In ” The Comic-Con Conundrum”, Raj appoints Sheldon is company manager since Raj needs to go on his or her own income. Sheldon straight away informs Raj which he can not head to Comic-Con this that year.

Photos of the Raj constantly communicates together with his moms and dads, Dr. V.M. and Mrs. Koothrappali back Asia over Skype, via webcam.